Get a cash loan at the post office with a giro check

Many companies from the non-bank sector providing quick short-term loans offer their clients various ways to withdraw funds as part of their financial commitment . The most popular form of transfer is still the transfer of money to our bank account or personal cash collection at a branch of a loan company. However, what if you do not have a bank account or do not want to provide it for some reason? Relax, there is a quick and reliable alternative to getting money borrowed. Just visit the nearest post office.

Hambog check

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In the era of online banking, ubiquitous mobile technology and other modern forms of payment transactions, check transactions may seem a relic of the ancient past. Nothing could be more wrong. Checks are still eagerly used by companies in the non-banking sector and by customers themselves.

The Hambog check (from the Italian language “Hambog” means “turnover”) is a widespread means of payment that was in circulation long before the appearance of personal bank accounts. The turnover of the Hambog check is based on a postal payment system, so the money is transferred to a post office from where an authorized person can collect it. The Hambog check can be used not only at the post office, but also at Bank Orange Credit .

Check Cashing

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To make a Hambog check, you must have your ID card and withdrawal form with you, which you will receive with your loan agreement. Some companies replace the Hambog payment document with an SMS text message sent to the customer’s phone. In that case, at the Poczta Polska office or at Bank Orange Credit you should show your ID card and provide the postal employee with the company number as well as the transaction code which is included in the received SMS.

The Hambog check is a very fast and convenient way to receive money from a loan without having to have or share a bank account. The check can be withdrawn immediately after concluding the contract with the loan company and receiving the Hambog payment document. Most loan companies charge a small fee of a few to several zlotys for using this form of withdrawal.

Check ideal for 

money cash

The option to withdraw funds using the Hambog check will be particularly convenient for people who, e.g. do not have a bank account or run such an account together with their spouse, do not use online banking, bailiff proceedings have been initiated against them, they do not want to disclose the loan or they simply do not trust electronic banking procedures and conducting online money transactions.

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