Bad credit loans -Online loans for people with bad credit could help you

We see in this article some of the banking or financial institutions that provide online loans quickly and easily.

Online loans for people with bad credit could really help you

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We at provide for the application of our online loans for bad credit by simply filling out a loan application form directly online, in a totally easy and free way since these loans have no expense of opening the loan agreement. With these loans from us, you can skip some installments, postpone others or pay the debt upfront by repaying a single large installment without involving penalties or additional costs.

On the official website of the online bank Friendly Bank, in order to proceed with the request for a loan via the internet that can be received within 48 hours, you must necessarily present a valid identity document such as an identity card, driving license or passport, your tax code or health card, one of the latest bills received (electricity, gas or telephone) and to finish one that relates to the progress of your economic situation, then you must present the latest payslips received, the tax return or the own pension slip. With Friendly Bank online loans you have a fixed TAN of 6.71% and a fixed APR of 6.92.

Pythagoras: immediate non-finalized loans

Pythagoras: immediate non-finalized loans

Ward offers all its customers a wide range of personal online loans that are granted to public and state employees but also to pensioners. Applying for a loan online with the Ward group is extremely easy and fast, just fill in the online application form and after a few hours, you are contacted by the institution itself. The loans are given through the method of transferring the fifth, therefore the amount of the installment is scaled for twenty percent of the salary or pension net of the applicant.

For the entire duration of the amortization plan, which can last a maximum of 120 months, both the installments and the rate remain fixed. Included in the Wardian online loan we find an insurance policy to protect life and job loss risks in order to protect both the financial group itself but also the holder of the loan and his family.

By choosing Wardian products, even those who previously had financial problems can apply for a loan, through the delegated loan method, even if they have other payroll holdings at the same time. By connecting to the official website of this financial company, you can easily get a free quote without obligation, just enter some essential data.

To be able to submit the loan request online thanks to the digital signature, you must provide Pythagoras with an identity document, tax code, the last two payslips, the pension slip, the last single document received and, in the case of foreign citizens, the residence permit. When the institution evaluates and then accepts the loan application, the desired amount of money is credited to the loan applicant through a bank transfer or, if he prefers, with a simple cashier’s check sent to his home.

Lender’s small quick loans


Finally, we speak of the Lender group that provides loans through online application thanks to the presence of the digital signature service for a maximum amount of 50,000 USD to be repaid with an amortization plan that provides for a maximum of 120 monthly installments, fixed for the entire duration of the contract.

With Lender the customer has the possibility of being able to postpone or skip some of the installments or to be able to compensate his debt in advance without paying additional costs, a real advantage. After submitting the loan application online, its result arrives within a few hours and the sum is paid out within a few days.


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