What is the loan preparation fee?

The actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) available from the consumer credit intermediary in the “Offer for New Customers” is 9.59%, total loan amount: PLN 25,455.06, total consumer payment: PLN 36,027.48, interest rate 1 , 64%, total cost of credit: PLN 10,572.43 (including: commission PLN 2,361.43, interest PLN 8,211.00), 56 monthly installments of PLN 433.79. The

Consumer credit turnover

Loans Without Pay Check Choose not to be a variable time and documented by mandatory policies at very little speed. Or, in some cases, some institutions affiliated with the sale of the property. The big banks, even in these cases, with a preliminary investigation of the repayment. So without paychecks are good, the subject that

Chances for a loan when working abroad

Despite the fact that the situation of our countrymen has improved – mostly thanks to the 500 plus program, Poles are still looking for better earnings abroad. As you know, foreign currency loans have enjoyed popularity and are still quite popular today, although the swirls with loans in Swift frencs have caused a lot of

How much can I borrow money in Belgium

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